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Salt cave on the base of active sea components is the newest, original method of application of salt from the Dead Sea in prophylaxis, treatment and recreation.


On the borderland between Izrael and Jordan unusual nook of the world and unique inland salt lake, traditionally called the Dead See, is located. This is the lowest situated water reservoir in we world (410 metres below sea level), known and prized for a long time. Healthy virtues of crystal salt from this region were appreciated even by Cleopatra, who established first cosmetic and pharmaceutic factory providing her with saline specimen. Today natural resources from the Dead Sea are successfully used not only in cosmetic industry but also in medicine. A lot of famous cosmetic and medical companies specialized in the production of specimen based on the minerals from the
Dead Sea. Salt from the Dead Sea (extracted in a natural way by evaporation of sea water) thanks to high concentration of minerals and trace elements is rated among the most precious, sources of beauty and health.

The Dead Spa reservoir, having rare chemical composition of water, is marked by ten times higher concentration of minerals and trace elements than any other sea water 8 times higer salinity Than the Mediterranean Sea, Pacific, Atlantic or Black Sea.

Salt cave on the base of active sea components is the newest, original method of application of salt from the Dead Sea in prophylaxis, treatment and recreation. In the, cave there is unique microclimate, marked with exceptional bacteriological cleanliness, proper humidity and temperature, which has beneficial influence on mood and health of the adults and children. Apart from advantageous negative ionization, the air in the cave includes: iodine, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, bromine, with are essential for proper organism function. The sessions are held on the comfortable deckchairs, accompanied by properly chosen music, which helps to relax and calm down. Improvement of health and mood is noticeable after a few endeavours. One hour in the salt cave with the salt from the Dead Sea is equivalent to three days at the seaside.

Stay in the salt cave aids treatment of many illnesses, like: respiratory tract (chronic catharal inflammation of nose, throat and larynx, bronchical asthma, chronic inflammation of bronchi and lungs, dust disease), underproduction of hyperthyroidism, metabolic disturbances, vessels and heart disease (malfunctioning of blood circulation, states before heart attacks, hypertension, dermatological disease (psoriaris, dermatitis, allergy), malfunction of periferal nervous system (neurosis, state of fatigue, decline resistance to stress), duodenal and gastric ulcer, gastritis, inflammation of large intestin and many others. Minerals from the Dead Sea have extremely positive effect on overal function of human body. Used systematically it improves perfusion in skin and makes it better filled with the oxygen and nutritive agents. They improve the condition of elastine and collagen fibres, the tension and flexibility of skin. Apart from cleansing thoroughly it is soothing and supports the ability to eliminate toxic substances.

Clinical tests, proved that minerals from the Dead Sea included in the salt guarantee long-lasting skin moisturizing and have positive and strenghtening effect on blood vessels.

Contraindcation is only overproduction of hyperthyroidism, kidneys diseases, tuberculosis, claustrophobia.

The salt cave is equiped with the system of special radiators on various frequencies in four colours (blue, red, orange and green).

Each of the radiators emits light which has positive influence on our body:

  • the red light accelerates metabolism in cells, clears blood, improves function of digestive system, eliminates tiredness;
  • the yellow light cleans skin, reduces wrinkles and facilitates failing asleep; the green light calms down but the same time adds energy, eliminates tiredness, recommended for people suffering from hypertension;
  • the blue light relaxes, calms down, eliminates muscles' tension, facilitates falling asleep.

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